Services and Costs


GARDEN DESIGN: We will re-design existing residential or commercial sites, or create a new design to suit your needs.

ENTRY STATEMENTS: The entrance to your property, business premises or estate sets the tone for what lies beyond. We look at every aspect of the site as well as the desired effect, to create a practical, secure and stylish feature that reflects the status of your home or enterprise.

SUSTAINABILITY AUDITS: This is an assessment of the resources required to maintain your garden and includes ways by which they can be reduced without affecting its look and feel. As well as being environmentally responsible, any savings will continue year after year.

PRE-BUILDING LANDSCAPE PLANS: Rather than retrofitting your garden to the house, this service takes an integrated approach. We will assess your property and the house design you have chosen, working in with you and your architect or builder to determine the siting and layout that works best for the style of garden you would like to have.

COSTS ( all rates include GST)

The charge rate for the initial consult and survey (if required) is $77/hr inc GST, payable by cash or cheque at the conclusion of the visit. A consult and survey usually takes 3-4hours, so you can expect the bill to be $310 or less for the average backyard. Travel time is not charged in the metro area, otherwise the rate is $50/hr ($20 of that is just fuel cost).

The design fee is charged at $77/hr and would be expected to be between $1200 and $1600 for the average suburban garden, depending on complexity and detailing required.  50% is payable on presentation of the concept plan, and the remainder at the final plan presentation.

To find out what you get with your plan, please read “How It Happens”