Pool installation

Client Brief

The client is having a pool installed in a small backyard.

The pool will have a cover which they wanted hidden behind a 60cm high water feature.  The pool fence is to be glass and one end has to butt up to a low,  protruding  retaining wall which provides a 30cm step.  The fence must be 1.2m above any such step.  The backyard is a truncated triangle and the client wanted a 30 cm high retained garden bed, alongside the pool to fill out part of it. They also wished to screen the boundary fence with “Natureed” on the patio side of the pool fence and replace their existing pavers.

The Solution

The pool cover was a bit of a problem as it would be difficult to manhandle over the water feature. It would also have to be sufficiently far behind it to make this manoevere practicable and therefore would be impossible to hide completely.  A design concept was drawn up by us which incorporated the water feature in a pool cover box constructed with an undershot access. It was submitted to a local pool accessory fabricator who was happy to make it. The concept resulted in better concealment, easier application, more available space and the water feature closer to the poolside.

The pool fence also presented a challenge, owing to the presence of the retaining wall. The answer was to extend the garden bed through the fence and build a feature wall at the point where they met, thereby eliminating the step. A metal art feature was suggested as decoration. The fence could therefore be kept to a less imposing 1.2m instead of 1.5m and the garden bed extension would fill in the other triangle. Plants are great for taking out odd shapes. The other benefit of the feature wall is that it provides a natural ending point for the Natureed screen.

The new paving design reflects the pool surrounds and leads the eye outside the pool fence, giving the impression of a more open space.

Plants were chosen to look great against the prevailing colour scheme, for their waterwiseness and for their appropriateness for a poolside location.

Pool Area Design

Pool Area Design