Residential Designs

A garden can be many things to many people. It is a playground for children (and the dedicated gardener), full of things to do and discover. It is a haven where the weary can unwind on a balmy summers evening or a place that expresses who you are, to the friends you invite to share its warmth and hospitality.

There are many different styles of garden to choose from and each has its own attractions.

A tropical resort style can take you away on holiday every day!

A formal garden is ordered and relaxing, with great aesthetic appeal

A contemporary garden can be challenging, sensual and elegant

A cottage garden with its scents, exciting colours and healthy green growth is a sensory delight

And a native garden will bring the best of Australia (including the birds) into your backyard

If you have a large property, you can do them all!

Western Australians spend a lot of time outside so no matter whether you have a paddock or a courtyard, a professional design is a great investment and a stress-free start to creating the home of your dreams.

Part of the process is to consult with you, to find out just what you need to complement your lifestyle and culture. The carefully prepared questions will help you, as an individual or family, focus your own ideas and needs as well as planning a way for future developments.