How it Happens

There are four stages in the process

1. Initial contact

2. An on-site consultation (please see Consult below) .

After the requirements have been assessed you will be given an idea of how much the design will cost. Should  you  wish to go ahead, a site survey will be carried out.

3. Presentation of the concept plan for your approval (scale drawing and notes).

This is the time when minor changes can be made without further cost.

4. Presentation of the final design

This document will contain all the information an experienced landscape contractor needs to create your dream garden. It includes:

a scale drawing with details of features and planting schedule

a specifications list for materials and features

a separate plant list with planting directions

a care and maintenance schedule which you or your gardener can follow, to have your garden looking better every year

You can make contact either by phone, or by email using the form provided on the Contact Us page. Callers will be asked a few preliminary questions and a time will be set for an on-site consultation.

Consult : Here are a few things you can have ready to ensure the consult is as productive as possible.

  • A site plan (may be available from your local government office). This will save time and money.
  • Documents or diagrams showing any covenants, easements or restrictions on the property
  • Any photos or magazine articles of styles or features you like
  • A list of plants you would especially like to have
  • A list of any future developments you have in mind, including changes to the style of décor in the house, especially where it adjoins the garden.

It is important that the ideas of all partners in the household are represented in the last three items. You do not have to agree on them at this stage, it is more of a brainstorming activity so that everything is considered in the concept plan.