Aged Care Home Expansion: Rain Garden

Jon Tayler Landscape and Garden Design Rain Garden

Jon Tayler Landscape and Garden Design: Rain Garden (plants not shown)

The Brief

This is just part of the original brief, which also included a Flora Survey. In this part, a Nutrient and Drainage plan was required for a building addition proposal in an environmentally sensitive area. The increase in stormwater run off meant that the existing sump was not large enough, however the area into which it could expand was limited. The client also wished to improve the visual aspect of that facility so that residents could enjoy that part of the grounds. The main offender was  some very ugly and prominent concrete pipework in the existing sump.

The Solution

The answer was to create a Rain Garden in place of the existing sump. Rain Gardens are used in areas where the soil is heavy, to accelerate water removal and eliminate contaminants at the same time.

Removal of contaminants which come from roofs and driveways etc is achieved through the planting of appropriate species to take up nutrients and by creating conditions which  stimulate biological (bacterial and fungal) activity to break down oils  etc.

Water removal happens through evaporation, transpiration through plant leaves and by infiltration into the aquifer. All three of these vectors are maximised by keeping water moving through the whole area. This is achieved here, by using a recycle system designed by Jon Tayler Landscape Designs.  The proposed stormwater collection and recycle system eliminates the old exposed pipework and satisfies the client brief in the best possible way – it is functional and looks great!